Converting from YaBB 2.5 to SMF 1.1.14 result in errors...

Started by dnaeon, February 24, 2013, 09:07:09 AM

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We are in the process of converting our YaBB 2.5 forums to SMF and have been using the instructions found in this post:


The converter that we've used is the one found from here:


Please let me know if that is the correct one we should be using, as I was not able to find any reference to an official YaBB -> SMF converter.

After starting the conversion we have successfully converted all user account & PMs, but when the conversion of the posts started we hit an error and cannot proceed any further.

Converting topics (part 1)... Unsuccessful!
This query:
INSERT INTO `smf`.smf_topics
(ID_BOARD, isSticky, locked, numViews, ID_LAST_MSG, ID_FIRST_MSG)
VALUES ('1', '0', '1', '22', '1122197715', '1122197715');
Caused the error:
Duplicate entry '1122197715-1' for key 'lastMessage'

Could you please assist us in resolving this issue? Any hints to where/what should be fixed are much appreciated.




Thanks for the feedback.

I have tried the Yabb to SMF 2-0 and also the Yabb 2 to SMF 2-0 converters, but they do not appear to work with YaBB 2.5.

I cannot find anything related to YaBB 2.5, or maybe I am overlooking.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


I followed the instructions at the following link:

I have converted a few 2.5AE boards with these instructions with no major problems. I can't remember exactly where I downloaded the converter but if you are still stuck, I can attach a copy when I get home in a few hours.

Good luck.


I am getting a similar error message, i.e.

(ID_BOARD, isSticky, locked, numViews, ID_LAST_MSG, ID_FIRST_MSG)
VALUES ('2', '0', '0', '61', '1270203590', '1270203590');
Caused the error:

Duplicate entry '1270203590-2' for key 'lastMessage'

And that is using the instructions in the afor mentioned post.

If I delete the message refered to, it just moves a little way and produces a similar error but with a different message ID.

Anyone any solutions for this?

Many thanks.


Just out of curiosity: did you do a maintenance (fix and repair all errors, etc.) before starting the upgrade? (If YABB has this tools of course, never used YABB so I don't know.)

Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

Hai bisogno di supporto in Italiano?

Aiutateci ad aiutarvi: spiegate bene il vostro problema: no, "non funziona" non è una spiegazione!!
1) Cosa fai,
2) cosa ti aspetti,
3) cosa ottieni.


Just thought I would chime back in.

YaBB does have maintenance tools which should be run before conversion is started. I ran those and then did my conversion and all went well using instructions from my above post. If I remember correctly, I removed mods that were installed on my YaBB forum before I started.

Wish you luck.