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Search by sent private messages

Started by FragaCampos, February 27, 2013, 03:17:56 PM

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I never managed to find a way to search my sent private messages. I can only search in my inbox.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to search in sent messages too?  O:)


When would you need to search for something in messages you've sent?
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To look back and find where you said something. Has happened to me before now.


Me too. To me it makes no sense to be able to search inbox but not outbox.



It would be quite useful for my forum


As this been discussed any further?


Should be in the core imo. Along with searching in labels.
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I meant for anyone wanting this for the current version. :)


Welll, I put it in here precisely because I think it should be in the core.  O:)



Having the same issue on my forum. Can't search sent items in my Inbox.

Any news on this?


you're not having "the same issue"....  it's not a BUG....
this was a feature request. 

At the moment, it does not look like it is in 2.1

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Well... the fact that is "not a bug" is debatable. :P

Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

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Actually I see no reason for it is not allowed. I just lost 2 minutes looking at this, but if we change this
$context['folder'] = 'inbox';
To anything other than "inbox" it will search in Sent Items.

I probably overlooked eventual limitations, but...
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As an admin I would love this to bits. Currently I copy all my sent PMs into a file I keep on my computer just so they are searchable.

I get a lot of requests via PM, whether it be about access to restricted areas, joining user groups, support, or staff applications, etc.

Quite often members resubmit requests when they think I'll have forgotten my initial decision on the matter which is when I start digging. XD

And I am sure lots of people here know answering a support query on PM and then regretting its nowhere you can find the second time that issue crops up.
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To be honest the entire PM system needs a ground-up rewrite anyway.


I quite like it in general.

There are a few things though I would love to be there when it comes to PMs.

Being able to save drafts would be amazing for those lengthy things you don't manage to write in one sitting while quickly checking in for a few.

Having a more elegant way of templating would be useful for me to. I currently have a label "templates" with lots of stuff I PMed myself so I have standard replies to standard questions ready. I think that is very specifically me though rather than general useability.

And labels in general kill me and I can't say why. They are so permissive and let you do all you want, but my oldfashioned brain would be getting on better with subfolders a lot of the time that you could organise things into in a specific order. However, I think that is also just me rather than being useful to everyone. XD
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I don't think Arantor means front-end, but back end. The front end could use some improvement as well though.

I'm not sure if in the PM system too, but drafts are implemented in 2.1.

I also honestly don't see the huge difference between labels and folders - both achieve near the same job.
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I mean both. The entire methodology is broken.