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Moving New Poll into New Topic

Started by Account Abandoned, March 14, 2013, 07:55:24 PM

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Account Abandoned

This isn't a big deal but I talked about it on AAF and thought I'd suggest it here to see what you all think about it...

With the latest version of SMF (that is 2.0.4), to make a new topic, we click New Topic and to make a new poll, we click New Poll.

What if to make a new poll, its included in the New Topic instead? Just have in as an option like Additional Options section in the new topic creation area. That takes out an extra button and puts it altogether making it more simple. :) At least on the user-end of things.

But just a thought to see what everyone thinks of the idea! :)


Id agree, it seems logical and would help reduce clutter on the messageindex too. (Not that it's bad now.)
Colin B
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remember....  people are stupid. we'll get complaints "How do I make a new poll?!?!?!"

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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Or, they'll insist on pressing "New Poll" when they want a "New Topic", and rather than figure out they made a mistake, forge ahead with brilliant questions like "Question 1" and "Question 2". Yes, the vast majority of people are stupid. I'd rather see a confirmation dialog on "New Poll" asking "Did you really want to have a poll with your topic, or did you click the wrong button (you dumb ass)?".


Eh almost every other forum software has it combined under 'New Topic' and I don't see too many people clueless as to how to create a poll. :P
Colin B
Former Spammer, Customize, & Support Team Member


I'm not sure either way about this one. I can see the legacy argument, I can see the benefit to doing it.

I'm just not sure it's worth the time and energy to fix for 2.1


One option would be to add a checkbox somewhere saying "Add a poll to this topic", which would redirect you to the "Add Poll" screen after the topic was created, but we might get some complaints about that (wanting to post the poll and topic at the same time, too confusing, etc.), and I'm not sure where we could add it that would make it visible (lumping it in with the rest of the "Additional Options" wouldn't work for something like this - I'm not sure how many people even know that that section exists).
Michael Eshom
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