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Sorting Memberslist by Topic Creation?

Started by Saiyavenger, July 01, 2013, 05:04:30 PM

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Is there a way to sort members by how many topics they've created, be it a mod or something already there that I've just missed? My site gives out awards based around topic creation count, and I have no idea how to check that outside of the Top 10 list in my More Stats page.

Thanks in advance.


Yeah, like I said, I know about that already. But I'd like to know more outside of just the top 10. I was hoping to see stats from everybody instead.


Quote from: Saiyavenger on July 01, 2013, 05:04:30 PM
I have no idea how to check that outside of the Top 10 list in my More Stats page.

that would be the more stats page K@ ;)

there is no other way that i know of to find out how many topics a user has created, you could check their profile but you would need to do that for each user.


I guess it'd be possible to expand that, to cover more topic starters, with a bit of coding expertise.

Just thinking out-loud, here... Simple Portal has pre-configured blocks for "Top poster" and "Top topics". If you asked in the mod's support topic, I somehow think that creating a block, for this, wouldn't be too difficult.

'course, I could be totally deluded, there. However, I suspect that a judicious bit of php or html coding, in a custom block, would be too difficult, for a coder.


SMF does not keep track of topic count in the members table, so this would need expensive queries. Lots of ingenuity is required for this to be done without stressing the server.