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Convert YaBB 2.4 to SMF 2.0.4

Started by jerrykrinock, April 21, 2013, 04:37:44 AM

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I want to convert my YaBB 2.4 Forum to SMF 2.0.4.  I've downloaded the script which user mrtoner paid someone to make and attached to Reply #11 on: September 08, 2010, 07:04:44 PM of this thread:

I uploaded the two scripts in that attachment to my server, launched it by hitting with my web browser, and directed it to convert my YaBB 2.4 Forum to a new, empty SMF 2.0.4 forum.  After a few seconds, it displayed a page which said:

Convertinger member groups... Successful.
Converting members... Unsuccessful.
This query:
     SELECT ID_GROUP, groupName
     FROM `jerrykri_smf505`.smf_membergroups
     WHERE ID_GROUP !=3;
Caused the error
     Unknown column `groupName` in `field list`

So, then I poked into the database jerrykri_smf505`, looked at the schema for table smf_membergroups and indeed found that there is no such column `groupName`.  There is a column named group_name.  Poking around inside yabb24_to_smf.php, I see that it's pretty much got all of the column names wrong, although there is a pattern, that all of the new column names are_this_style.

I think the problem is that this script was written for SMF version 1, and that all of the column names were changed in version 2.  Is that correct?

So there are two alternatives. 

  • Go and fix all of the column names in mrtoner's script.  But that is likely just the tip of an iceberg.
  • Install an SMF version 1 board and install that, do the conversion to that, then update it to SMF version 2.

If it is true that mrtoner's script was written for SMF version 1, then Alternative 2 is more likely to succeed.   A comment at the top of the script does inticate "SMF 1.1", but I'm not sure if that is true or just crud inherited from the original paste that was not cleaned up.  This same comment also indicates that it is for YaBB 2.2 even though the name of the file is "yabb24_to_smf.php".  Its file modification date is 2010 Sept 08.

If indeed Alternative 2 is better, then where could I get a copy of SMF version 1 with installation instructions, preferably for cPanel?  I installed SMF version 2 using the Softalucous App Installer in cPanel.  I'll probably have to install SMF version 1 the hard way.

Thanks for any advice!


That topic's very old. It's about converting to SMF v1.1.10.

The current converters that we have are here:;software=yabb

I **THINK** you'll need the bottom one, there.


Check out this thread. I converted my 2.5AE (should be same for 2.4) board with these instructions and it went smooth.