Need help finding and removing some code

Started by XHIBIT911, May 27, 2013, 10:03:56 PM

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A few weeks ago I stumbled across an old post here that I cant find now.
It was some code that (if memory serves me correctly) was to be installed in the index.php
In any event after doing a test embed of the code I had to make a run and forgot all about it until today when I had time to actually start getting some of the work done for the forum as the launch day nears.

I've searched the forums for hours and cant find the original thread so hopefully someone can locate exactly where this code is, and what exactly I should remove to get rid of it from my forum since it doesnt do what I expected it would.

The code is for the image attachment in my picture. Its collapsible but I no longer want it as  Ive switched and installed a portal which has the feature built in.

I just found the original mod post

Mods Please delete