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Send Email with Gmail - New Guide

Started by pifreak, May 28, 2013, 12:55:18 PM

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Hey guys! I followed every guide before but sending email though Google Mail has not been working.
Well, I just got it to work, and I wanted to inform the SMF community.

Thank you, to all who contribute. The documentation is very nice and I really enjoy the software.

Please follow this guide to get it working:

Why is there a problem?
It seems to me that Google now REQUIRES 2-step authentication for this to work.
This means your phone must be used to verify when logging in.
Why do we need this? Apparently if you don't have 2-step verification on your gmail account, unfortunately you cannot enable Application Specific Passwords

First enable 2-Step Verification

Next enable Application Specific Password

Just say 'SMF Forums' or anything, doesn't matter.
You'll get back a password such as 'cbeec chhyc cbbbio bccof' (some random-like generated password)

Go into your SMF settings, as in the first link (Thank you nightbre, and all involved in setting up this nice guide)
Instead of your normal Gmail password, e.g. 'fluffybunny1' you have to enter the generated password in the last step e.g. 'cbeec chhyc cbbbio bccof'

That is what I did, and it worked right away. Google will see that your server/forums is using that generated password. When I tried with just my gmail account google refused to allow it.

I hope this helps someone, feel free to write a better guide than I have, or give suggestions.

Have a great day!


Thanks mate! I'd definitely try this one! :)


Tomy Tran

Can't be better. I used Google Apps for some years till now and they still work so I guess above guide is very important to those who don't have Google Apps and must use 2-Step Verification method.

Anyone uses UPLOADIFY script to mask logo on pictures and upload to Picasa (Google+) should pay attention to this post as well.


All my love to this topic!  Thank You! :)