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Started by Arantor, September 03, 2013, 07:36:36 PM

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Probably the most controversial change I added to Wedge - at least, neither of us were entirely happy with the UI but I don't think we ever found anything better.

I think it'd be cool to add to SMF but the amount of code I wrote, I'm not going to rewrite it for SMF.

Anyway, the premise is straightforward, you create rules around which moderation is applied for you.

The first picture tells the story:
- Prevent a post being made (return it to the user with an error)
- on every new post
- when there are 5 or more smileys in it
- regardless of board, user permissions or anything else

The second picture gives you an example of how it might look when returned to the user with an error before posting, the third an example of how it might look when a post has been moderated rather than prevented.

There are all kinds of uses for a system like this, you can create flexible rules for almost any community - moderation or prevention of posts based on various criteria. The idea is that a rule can contain one or any of the following criteria:
* post is in (or not in) a given board or boards
* user has a given post count
* based on warning level
* based on subject of the post
* based on content of the post
* user is in (or not in) a given group
* how many links in the post
* how many images in the post
* how many smileys in the post
* minimum/maximum characters/words in the post
(not all of these were core features but it was relatively easy to add new ones as edit-free plugins)

And because it's criteria you can daisy chain it together, for example a rule about swearing might be:
- moderate the post, when any new post is made if...
* post contains (rude word)
* and user is not an admin
* and the post is not in (list of boards that are staff only)

And so on.


"The Book of Arantor, 17:3-5
  And I said unto him, thy database query shalt always be sent by the messenger of $smcFunc
  And $smcFunc shall protect you against injections and evil
  And so it came to pass that mysql_query was declared deprecated and even though he says he is not
  dead yet, the time was soon to come to pass when mysql_query shall be gone and no more