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Improve news

Started by Arantor, September 06, 2013, 12:49:04 PM

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News is a bit of a sucky feature as it stands. It needs several changes, IMO.

Firstly, permissions. News right now is shown to everyone regardless of anything. First thing is it needs permissions - it doesn't have to be thorough or group based, all it really needs is to cover: everyone (including guests), anyone who is signed in, anyone who can moderate anything (i.e. staff) and admins only.

Secondly, bbcode. It is sort of supported but there's no reason why you couldn't turn the 'add item' button into a page that brings up the bbcode editor for full formatting options.

Thirdly, rearranging them. There are options for picking a random item, sure, but if you're using the news fader it takes the order that you added them in. If you could rearrange them it'd be better. Sort of like the attached, where you can use the little square to drag and drop to rearrange them.
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Great idea Arantor!

I hope they implement it for 2.1 :)


I also agree for point 1, the other two are not so important. Imo
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Yup, permissions is a must in my opinion.
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