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New/No New Images

Started by Burke ♞ Knight, September 06, 2013, 04:56:04 PM

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Burke ♞ Knight

New/No New Image Settings and Upload.

I think it's time to set it so New/No New Images can be set and uploaded in the Boards section in admin.

Boards -> Settings:

Default On/Off images selection.
Default new_some/new_none images selection.
Upload on/off images directly to current theme.

When modify boards:
Selection for default or custom on/off images.
Selection for default or custom new_some/new_none images.
Link to settings page to upload custom, if not uploaded already.

This will make things easier for administrators to change the images, as well as have it upload the images to the current theme.
Allow the admin to upload them using any name and extension, so they can use multiple images for the site.

Also, maybe a change to the new_some/new_none, so they use same name and ext as the default, unless the admin selects them, too.

Burke ♞ Knight

Yes, but we are thinking that having this as a built in Feature for SMF would be ideal.



Except it'd be a nightmare to implement in practice :(


I'm for this as well.

While the default on/off icons should be a sprite, uploaded icons shouldn't be. Hell, I don't really see a need to offer a upload, I'd be happy with just pointing to the URL of the icon I want to use. Maybe even a X & Y fields for the background offsets of the image in case I did want to use a sprite.

Although, I don't know how much of a pain that would be to implement. I've used two different mods in the past that do this, and both make you feel like you have to reach over your shoulder to scratch your arse. Either by adding the board ID to the name of the file, or creating folders for each board ID in which you want to use a custom icon.

I think in "Board > Settings > Use URL" would be best, but like I said, I don't know how hard this would be to implement cleanly. Of course, default icons should be used where custom icons are not.

If Arantor says it would be a nightmare to implement, I trust him.


The default icons already are a sprite - that's precisely what makes it hard work to implement because you have to override that sprite with instance specific CSS which you pretty much need to generate on the board index itself.

The problem with 'use URL' is that most users do seem to have trouble setting such things up by comparison :/ And you still need, realistically, to offer both on/off images at least if not full on/off/on2 images.


of course, by using a sprite, we're going to mess with the 2 mods that currently allow the user to define the on/on2/off images by board...

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Burke ♞ Knight

Only, if they also would be installable, and/or updated to be installable in 2.1.


They won't install in 2.1 because the code is physically that different. I'm going to get round to helping modify one or other of the mods at some point but just been so busy.


I must be missing something. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to control to me. Use inline CSS for the URL to image/sprite. Rough Example: <div style="url(PATH_TO_IMAGE_OR_SPRITE) X-VALUE Y-VALUE no-repeat". In "Admin > board settings >" have fields to insert URL to image used, and X/Y fields for positioning.

Just an idea.


Now do that for 100 boards.

It undermines all the benefit of having premade/cacheable and non-inline CSS.


Quote from: Arantor Beeblebrox the First on December 16, 2013, 10:48:12 AM
Now do that for 100 boards.

It undermines all the benefit of having premade/cacheable and non-inline CSS.

Point taken.