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Joinable Groups

Started by live627, October 15, 2013, 09:55:59 AM

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Joinable Groups 1.0 by live627

Joinable Groups is an SMF 2.0 mod that lets registering members choose a membergroup to join. All membergroups that allow members to join at will are listed.


Please i installed this mod but it installed witout any eror but i did nt see any effect of the mo din my forun.

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Quote from: Kyrianchigozie on October 20, 2013, 12:29:10 PM
Please i installed this mod but it installed witout any eror but i did nt see any effect of the mo din my forun.

You should check the screenshots.

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i installed the mod properly but i did not see d effect, is not workin or does it has any settings to activate it?


hv checked the screen shots, no effect


On which page do you not see any options?
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on the registration page, i thought am suposed to see the options to select member groups dat i created for selection


You did actually set up some groups that people can freely join, right?


I don't remember clearly, but I think this mod doesn't do anything if you don't have any groups that are freely joinable.


ya i created one to test it but to no avail


I have the same issue.  I have multiple groups that are freely join-able, yet the mod does not show anything on the registration page.  I tried creating freely join-able groups of various types to see if I can get it to work, but I still do not see anything new on the registration page.  Even set the default theme of the forum to defaults but still do not have the registration options on the page.  I don't know much PHP, but I was able to ascertain that the $context['groups'] variable is empty by asking the theme template to spit out some text if it were empty.  Something is failing in register.php to retrieve the freely join-able groups.

I am on SMF 2.0.6 which the mod says it is compatible with.


Same problem here with SMF 2.0.6. I've created two freely joinable groups, yet the registration process didn't change.



I tried the mod and do have Free groups.
But nothing was displayed on the registration screen.

The issue is all my Free groups are set to INvisible because I don't want them listed (as of have long names and the info is not relevant to all forummembers)
They are only visible when a user goes to his groupmembership page and joins a group.

I do like the mod, but useless untill it displays all free groups on the registration page, not just the visible ones.


The mod works perfectly thanks .
But is there a way to make it show requestable groups  ?


Needs quite substantial changes for it to also create a group request in the process.


Actually , I have done it  :)
I have replaced [nofollow]_type = {int:freejoin_group_id} with [nofollow]_type != {int:is_protected}
and it worked
Now it shows the all available groups


Except it won't work properly because for requests to actually be processed they've got to go into the requests table.


Actually it works great ,  8)