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Restrict who can see IP's

Started by geoff691, November 09, 2013, 11:51:59 PM

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Is there a package which is compatible with SMF 2.0.6 which will allow me to control who can see members IP addresses?   Alternatively, is there an upgrade which will hide mods IP addresses and render them invisible to other mods?


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I've been tempted to change SMF's behaviour on this score for a while... and tie it to ability to ban.

Since you can ban by IP address, you need to be able to see IP addresses to make sure you don't ban someone by accident.

Does this make sense?


sounds good to me. or maybe have a non-ip ban permission where the user can not ban by ip at all so if they can not view the ip of all members they can not ban the ip. but that just complicates things... if you trust your staff let them do things fully if not dont give them access in the first place.


That would require a rather hefty overhaul of the ban system at present to make that happen.

That's why I deliberately kept it simple ;)