Convert forum to static pages?

Started by Chemicaltrails, May 02, 2014, 10:17:36 PM

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Hello, we'd like to mothball our SMF 1.1.16 forum and we'd like to just convert it into some static html pages instead of a functioning forum. The forum just doesn't warrant the effort to maintain it. Does anyone have any solutions to create the html pages from the forum posts? Thanks for any ideas.


Could be a bit messy...

If you go to phpmyadmin and select the smf_messages table, you can export it. If you look at the custom options, there are various formats you could choose.

Never tried any of them, myself, though.

Depending on how many pages you want to do, you could always "Save as", from your browser, too.


Thanks for the suggestions. The "save-as" approach would probably the best method... at least for the most popular posts... then chuck the rest. Thanks!


or you can do what I did...

lock down the forum so that the only permissions anyone has is "read"

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