Locking/Unlocking Threads By More Than One Person At The Same Time

Started by Steve, August 11, 2014, 04:59:31 PM

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Hopefully this is the right spot for this.

As per the discussion here:


Are there any plans to prevent that situation from happening?

Maybe a notice to the person about to lock or unlock the thread that it was just done within xx amount of time or even an automatic post indicating the thread was locked at such and such a time or both?
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Ah, cool beans. Is that where I should be asking these type of questions?
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That really doesn't answer my question, does it? :P

Should I be asking these questions here, there or both?
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Bug reports to be fixed for 2.1 are entered on GitHub.
As it happens, and as noted in that discussion, this was already entered as a bug.

The fix is simple and does not involve any timer at all.

Instead of using a toggle, use a discrete setting.

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Right now this has been partially addressed by adding a check/warning if you use the checkboxes under "Additional Options" when posting. If there's time I will look into switching it over to using unique settings instead of toggle settings, but it's a lot of work to do that, and it gets a bit confusing with quick moderation checkboxes ("lock/unlock selected").
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