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[Tip] Fix for malformed activation links

Started by NanoSector, August 13, 2014, 06:33:31 PM

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This was brought up in IRC just now. It seems like when activation mails get sent out, some e-mail clients like Hotmail like to replace ; with %3b in the URL.

This tweak will cause the user to be redirected to a proper URL, fixing this issue at the forum side.

Manual installation:

// Make sure we have a valid REMOTE_ADDR.

Add before:
if (!empty($_REQUEST['action']) && substr($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], 0, 18) == 'action=activate%3b')
header('Location: ' . $scripturl . '?' . str_replace('%3b', ';', $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']));

Attached is a mod package which automatically applies this tweak.
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Might be useful to get that into 2.0.9 if there's still time or at least put it into the list of possible candidates for 2.0.10 if/when that happens.

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