How to Add Xat into SMF

Started by Mstcool, August 18, 2014, 03:55:50 AM

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Hey guys,

So today I will explain how to add Xat into SMF. Registering on Xat and making a chat that way, would be the best option because you will have full ownership of your chat. However, I will teach you how to add it by the guest way.


Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Choose your background, and size

Step 3:

Click on Update and Get Code

Step 4:

Now, for this step, I will be using SimplePortal. I haven't used other portals, so I have no idea how they work. However, if you are using SimplePortal, then follow this step

Choose the block placement you want and choose the block called "Custom HTML"

Step 5:

Paste the code Xat gave you into the text area. But remember to place your code between the <html> </html> tags.

And that's it! :P


This is a fairly simple one, but approved.
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Hey, some people might need help. :p

And thanks! :)


nice advice, i remember xat chat for a couple years ago. all my friend from friendster enjoy chat with xat :)