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Started by kelvincool, August 30, 2014, 05:16:29 PM

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Found the issue!

Many of the replacements defined in install.xml failed in my Display.template.php because it could not find the text to be replaced. My template had been heavily customised, so I had to do the replacements manually.

Looks like it is working ok now.



How do you remove individual boards from the "disable on individual boards" list?


Hi !

I installed this mod on a premium theme. All works but I have a weird issue.

On Stats page my footer isn't at bottom of the page it's in the middle and hide some stuff.

If I uninstall the mod the Stats page is good again (with footer in bottom)

Someone knows how to fix it ?


Any news about to update this realy great mod to 2.1rc1 and +?


I'm running this mod in connection with Hide Content on SMF 2.0.15 with the Curve and Boru themes.  It installed fine, and is working, but intermittently fails to refresh the page to reveal the hidden text. I see the round icon and nothing happens. The page must be refreshed manually. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it hangs up. Very strange. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.


I want say thanks button on topic. currently all  replies has say thanks button. It should be only for topic. How to do?


Quote from: sirfpsycho on September 22, 2019, 12:59:21 AM
I want say thanks button on topic. currently all  replies has say thanks button. It should be only for topic. How to do?
sorry but that's not what this mod does, and would probably need to be completely rewritten to do that....
Quote from: kelvincool on August 30, 2014, 05:16:29 PM
Say Thanks provides the ability for users to thank posts.

there was a mod I found that did that, but it is outdated for smf1.x and doesn't look like anyone made one for 2.x
you might want to ask in the Mod Requests board, maybe someone will make it for you



I have a small problem with the module "Say Thanks" it appears in two times as you can see on this screen : [nonactive]

I also look in the file modifications of the modules but I can not find anything

Someone would know how to get things done to help me?

Thank you


Looks like you attempted to install this mod twice.

Download and attach the Display.template.php file from your Themes\default folder and we can have a look at fixing it for you.


how can I impose on the user that if he doesn't click I like he won't see the link I insert in the post?


the mod works in part there must be something that blocks the execution of the thanks and in the various tests when there is no "hide" code it works regularly
I note this though:
in the install.xml file it only gives me to add codes before and after
but when i try to uninstall the mod it gives me this
$context['hc_current_post'] = $row;
$autoLinkUrlsSetting = $modSettings['autoLinkUrls'];
$modSettings['autoLinkUrls'] = "";
$context['message']['body'] = parse_bbc($context['message']['body'], $row['smileys_enabled'], $row['id_msg'], array('hide'));
$modSettings['autoLinkUrls'] = $autoLinkUrlsSetting;
$context['message']['body'] = parse_bbc($context['message']['body'], $row['smileys_enabled'], $row['id_msg']);

$context['message']['body'] = parse_bbc($context['message']['body'], $row['smileys_enabled'], $row['id_msg']);

in fact in the code I have this:
a double string equal correct?
$context['hc_current_post'] = "preview";
$autoLinkUrlsSetting = $modSettings['autoLinkUrls'];
$modSettings['autoLinkUrls'] = "";
$context['preview_message'] = parse_bbc($context['preview_message'], (isset($_REQUEST['ns']) ? 0 : 1), '', array('hide'));
$modSettings['autoLinkUrls'] = $autoLinkUrlsSetting;
$context['preview_message'] = parse_bbc($context['preview_message'], isset($_REQUEST['ns']) ? 0 : 1);

so the code added, did not replace

and in the smf logs comes out this:
Call to undefined function template_hidecontent_wrapper(

and add this error:

Errore: 2: offset stringa non valido 'id_msg'

URL: ?azione:post2;scheda-13;anteprima;xml


How I can hide "Thanked: x times" for guests on the user's profile in the post?


how can I add the total number of thanks?


Dyatlov Pass Forum → Administration Center → Modification Settings → Say Thanks

I can't change anything in "Disable on individual boards". What is it for?

Diego Andrés

Quote from: teddy7 on September 23, 2021, 04:31:33 PMI can't change anything in "Disable on individual boards". What is it for?

You select them using ctrl + mouse 1 (click)

SMF Tricks - Free & Premium Responsive Themes for SMF.


Is there anybody able to create a tool that import the thanks from this modification to the thanks system in SMF 2.1?

@kelvincool is inactive on the forum.


I thought the SMF 2.1 had a thanks system, but I was wrong.

Author of this modification is inactive so no one can adapt this modification to the 2.1 system.

@kelvincool we need you here. :)


Updated this mod to work with SMF 2.1.1, it's all hook based now too  :)


Quote from: kelvincool on April 18, 2022, 10:40:43 AMUpdated this mod to work with SMF 2.1.1, it's all hook based now too  :)

Thanks @kelvincool

"Hides post content"   How can I use this feature?  I didn't see a setting or anything related. (SMF 2.1.1)
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@gevv That was a feature that was enabled in conjunction with the Hide Content mod, that mod is not available for SMF 2.1.1, at least not yet. I'm not sure if I will update that since it wasn't really that popular.