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Like system! [feedback to contributors and developers]

Started by PabzMiah, November 24, 2014, 05:29:17 PM

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Hello guys,
I'm liking the like system! it's pretty awesome + it's like Facebook.

What I think SMF (contributors/developers) should do is:

  • Remove the line and the "%? likes this" and place it next to the comment with a BR tag. Just below the comment or topic.
Make it look like Facebook like system. That way, it's better! Also, making the "Like system" exactly like Facebook. For example:
Hello, this is my first topic!
Like  Comment  Share

and at the bottom:
%? likes this

Maybe somewhere in the future or so, hopefully SMF (contributors/developers) develops the "Dislike" feature!


Doing it the way I did it there (and I'm the person who originally implemented the likes system in SMF 2.1) was done specifically to avoid causing too much hurt on your server. Fetching all the names of all the people is a complex process that has serious considerations on a server - and you're not running a massive data centre like Facebook is.

Heck, even the way XenForo does it is substantially heavier on a server than the way I did it but most people that use XenForo also pay more for their hosting than the typical SMF users do, so to me it was more important to be high performance than to be the way you want it.

Also, I don't like how Facebook does it. Just because you assert it will be better does not actually make it so; and I know a number of people who actually wanted SMF 2.1 not to have likes at all...


In short...  No.

There will be no "dislike" as part of the core and, if you want to reposition, then you could get someone to build you a theme that does it. ;) Personally, I don't think that Facebook is the be all and end all

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Also, there is a reason why Facebook does not implement a "Dislike" option. More than likely for the same reason why you wont see it here.
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My opinion, which nobody asked for, is that if you want it exactly like Facebook, then go to Facebook.

Forum software should have its own identity.
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But that's the best part of both Facebook and forum software... your opinion is free for expression even if nobody asked for it ;D

I frequently dispense my opinion all the time even when it is explicitly not asked for >:D


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