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Transactions and database backends

Started by marioxcc, December 04, 2014, 09:37:57 PM

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Does SMF supports using database transactions to ensure consistency in the event of a crash when using MySQL?. If so, how should I enable them?. I suppose that I must use the InnoDB backend, is this correct?.

Regards and thanks.

Also, thanks for releasing SMF as free software (as in freedom) < [nonactive]>. I wouldn't have used or recommended it when it was proprietary software.


No it doesn't. SMF basically is unaware of InnoDB in its entirety. Just using InnoDB does not magically switch on using transactions, you pretty much have to build them in everywhere and when 2.0 was released, too many hosts weren't using modern enough versions of MySQL.

As for free, it is interesting that you make the point about free software. The software that came before SMF - YaBBSE - was GPL. The abuses and violations that went on of the GPL were why SMF was built from the ground up under a specifically non free licence to limit those abuses.


SMF has built-in functions for transactions, even for MySQL, but they're not specifically used for MySQL (PostgreSQL is another story since all versions of Postgres we support have support for transactions). It's something we can look into though.
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