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Time different when logged or not

Started by Tomy Tran, December 25, 2014, 06:59:22 PM

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Tomy Tran

I just installed last night on the link:

The bug I found is the time different. At the first when installed forum completely, I chose my time on admin is GMT+7 Ho Chi Minh. It works well on board at front when you are at home or as guest. But all different (seem to turned back to unselect timezone) when you are in admin page.

Thanks for your attention.


Have you checked if your personal settings when logged in aren't different?


The admin setting is different from the profile setting.

Tomy Tran

Ah, I found it as live627 said, in Look and Layout. But it'd better be set as what admin has set for forum if they did not set their own timezone.

Thanks for your reply.