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please add search tracking functionality

Started by deep16, January 09, 2015, 04:26:31 AM

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is it possible to add functionality for seacrh tracking please add so that i can track what users are looking for on my forum


You might request it as a MODification in the "Mod Requests" board.
As a core feature it's not likely because, as you've been told, it's actually considered less relevant than what you might think ;)
And, of course, because that's a feature with very, very few requests...

edit: there was a MOD submitted for this, but it wasn't approved...
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There are two kinds of search tracking functionality, both of them seem fairly useless in my experience.

You can track what people search for when they hit your forum from, say, Google... or they could if Google didn't cloak that stuff in more recent times.

Or you can track what people search for actually on your forum... but all you'll find is that people will try multiple searches to see if they can find the thing they thought they remembered seeing, before remembering something else about it and then finding it a different (non-logged) way...