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Started by Gary, January 16, 2015, 07:40:05 AM

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Hi everyone,

We've been getting concerned about how certain folks are promoting their mods to users and as a result, we've had to establish some rules regarding how they can be promoted fairly.

  • Users should post to the Help Wanted (not for support) board to request custom or unique, paid mods. Free modification requests, or general requests for a formal modification (this does not include personalizing or customising an existing mod) should be posted to the Mod Requests board.
  • Topics posted in wrong board may be locked, moved or deleted by team members without notice.

    Authors of Paid Mods

    • Authors of Paid Mods should not advertise their paid mods and/or any other promotions outside of the defined boards.
    • Authors should not "dig up" old topics or post to old topic(s)*.
    • While responding to a direct request for a mod is acceptable, authors should not post new topics Mod Requests which advertise their mod(s) .
    • Authors can use Chit Chat for their giveaways.
    • (Optional) Authors may create a topic about their work website;
      • Authors can use Showcase if their sites are powered by SMF.
      • If Authors are not using SMF powered website, they can open topic to Other Paid Services/Items for sale
      • Authors should not use same topic as their website showcase to make giveaway or promotion announcements nor should that topic include posts about new products or beta (upcoming) versions.
      • As indicated above, authors should post their new products in the Other Paid Services/Items for sale board.
    • Posts made by Authors in improper topics may be locked, moved or deleted by team members without notice.
    • Authors cannot recommend themselves, their services or their products as the "best available" (Best is often a relative term. Describe the merits of your products or services and let the user decide which is best for his or her needs.)
    * Old Topic(s) are any topic in which the topic owner or any other user has not posted to in more than 6 months.

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