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Started by latias1290, January 27, 2015, 03:16:16 AM

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This idea is pretty straightforward but I understand that some of you may be wondering why one would need this. I'm a regular user on a forum mainly concerned with the game Dwarf Fortress, and one of the users there has created a really cool interactive comic(basically a comic which is highly influenced by the readers in terms of what the character will do). The topic for the comic is also pretty active, and the only way to get notifications of new updates from the writer and such is to subscribe to the topic. But since it's so active I constantly get emails that aren't actually updates, but comments from the readers. I have to sort out these emails manually, and not only that but I also get emails while I'm asleep, which wakes me up. Currently I can deal with it but I think it's better to create a mailing list addition to the PM system that allows people to send the same PM to a bunch of people in one go. If that was possible, I could ask the owner of that topic to add me to the mailing list and then send a PM every time he posts a new page on the comic.

To combat spam, you should also be able to remove yourself from a mailing list and/or block the mailing list without the sender's consent.

(Finally: The CAPTCHAs needed when posting and registering are pretty damn hard. Could you please make them a little more readable?)


technically, you can sort of do this already...

create your list and send a PM to them and make sure that your "save sent PMs" and "view PMs as conversations" options are turned on

in the future, just go to the previously sent and hit reply to all.

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