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Started by BrotherBrian, February 18, 2015, 05:24:48 PM

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I'll start off by saying I searched for over an hour for a similar issue and didn't really find anything.
The issue: Sometimes when clicking on the "New" button on a thread which takes you to the latest post in a thread, then returning to the board index, the following thread which also previously had a "New" button on it and does indeed have new posts within the thread since last reading it no longer has the "New" button there. As if reading the previous thread is also marking the next thread down as read as well. Has anyone seen this issue? Is it a database issue of some kind perhaps? I'm running the latest version of SMF 2.0.9
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Uh, sorry, this seems to have slipped... :(

Is this still an issue?

I use the "new" icon heavily (especially in this forum) and I have never seen such issue.
Topics have the "new" message updated in Display.php so if you could attach it, maybe we can take a look?
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Any topic or post related modifications installed?

I can confirm I've never seen this issue on any of my forums.

Also, what happens if you clear your browser's cache and reload, does that make a difference?
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Hi, thanks a lot for the responses! Clearing the browser cache doesn't resolve unfortunately. For what it's worth every user that's seen it has said they were using FireFox...
I've attached my Display.php
This issue just started about 3 months ago more or less, hard to pinpoint because it doesn't happen every time, but I've seen it myself and have been running SMF for over ten years now so I have quite a bit of experience with administering it.
I'm using this theme (have been since 2.0):
Here are the few mod's I have installed, I don't think any of them would have an effect on this functionality:
Simple Audio Video Embedder
6 Custom buttons / tabs with Sub Menus (4)
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