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December 08, 2021, 03:39:54 PM


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Started by Snrj, June 03, 2018, 06:40:54 PM

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-Rock Lee-

Very good theme then I see if I try it, a question has open the records on your page? since I tried to register but I never got the confirmation...

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dostum güzel temada tam mobile bile değil. sayfa taşıyor ekranda


Bu arada bu temayı kurup ekstra menüye yer açan download modu ultra menu gibi mod kurunca hata kayıtları unknown button hatasıyla dolup taşıyor.


I love this theme. However, I have found that the sidebar menu is not accessible on mobile devices when in portrait mode. Switching to landscape shows the menu.

I expected to find a hamburger or other method to show the menu in portrait mode, but there is nothing??

Edit... the hamburger appears atop the screen, but only when logged in. This means no menu for new visitors or anyone logged out.
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I tried to use this but after installing and switching to this theme my site gets 500 error.....

Ninja ZX-10RR

This theme is awesome, although I found 2 issues with it:

The first one was annoying but I managed to fix it myself, and it's about collapsed quick reply being collapsed by default even if set to be on.
File: Display.template.php
Code (Find) Select
<img src="', $settings['images_url'], '/', $options['display_quick_reply'] == 1 ? 'collapse' : 'expand', '.gif" alt="+" id="quickReplyExpand" class="icon" />
<a href="javascript:oQuickReply.swap();">', $txt['quick_reply'], '</a>
<div id="quickReplyOptions"', $options['display_quick_reply'] == 1 ? '' : ' style="display: none"', '>

Code (Replace with) Select
<img src="', $settings['images_url'], '/', $options['display_quick_reply'] == 2 ? 'collapse' : 'expand', '.gif" alt="+" id="quickReplyExpand" class="icon" />
<a href="javascript:oQuickReply.swap();">', $txt['quick_reply'], '</a>
<div id="quickReplyOptions"', $options['display_quick_reply'] == 2 ? '' : ' style="display: none"', '>

Same file:
Code (Find) Select
bDefaultCollapsed: ', !empty($options['display_quick_reply']) && $options['display_quick_reply'] == 1 ? 'false' : 'true', ',
Code (Replace with) Select
bDefaultCollapsed: ', !empty($options['display_quick_reply']) && $options['display_quick_reply'] == 2 ? 'false' : 'true', ',
At the very least this fixed it for me.

The second one I unfortunately haven't managed to fix as of yet, it's a silly race condition that makes it so sometimes smileys/BBC in the quick reply are loaded and sometimes they are not, I suspect html template layer is not correctly called by javascript somewhere, but my javascript skills are much less than my php ones.

It produces this in the browser console, breaking both smileys and JumpToBox:
Uncaught ReferenceError: aJumpTo is not defined
Uncaught TypeError: this.opt.oSmileyLocations[sLocation][iSmileyRowIndex][iSmileyIndex].sSrc.php_htmlspecialchars is not a function
    at smc_SmileyBox.getSmileyRowsContent (editor.js?fin20:1431)
    at smc_SmileyBox.init (editor.js?fin20:1392)
    at new smc_SmileyBox (editor.js?fin20:1386)
    at index.php?topic=154221.new:914

It's really silly because it's a coin toss whether they load or not, you can literally press F5 and you get either result with no logical pattern. ALWAYS an error on first load after clearing the cache, so it's definitely some kind of race condition...

Any input would be deeply appreciated, because otherwise the theme is pretty solid. Thanks in advance!
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I'll keep this in my siggy for a while just to remind me that someone appreciated what I did while others didn't.

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