[TIP/TRICK] How to add UK Cookie Consent to SMF

Started by lurkalot, August 22, 2015, 02:22:38 PM

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What Cookie Consent does:

It is designed to help you comply with the hideous EU Cookie Law. There's no guarantee that using this will make you a hundred percent compliant, you'll have to check that out on a per site basis.

[TIP/TRICK] If you're using a Portal mod such as Tinyportal, you can visit https://silktide.com/tools/cookie-consent/ Click the download button, and that will bring you to their Cookie Consent building wizard.  Just follow the steps, you can edit the address to the cookie policy at any time, so just put a temp one in if necessary. Same goes for the layouts, these can also be changed afterwards.  grab the code and put it in a HTML block

TP Block Settings:
Block Type: HTML
Do not use title/frame styles
Do not allow block to collapse

If however you don't have a portal mod installed, and you want to add it to SMF, then I've attached a package to help you. Just install t via the package manager.

How to use it after installing it.

Go to Admin > Modification Settngs > Miscellaneous:
1: Enter the address to your Cookie Policy in the appropriate text field: (Note: You will need to
create one and manually upload it to your server). The Cookie warning will not show until you enter the address.
2: Setting for different layouts, plus light and dark versions to suite the look of your site.
3: Custom text for the cookie consent bar.

Credits: A big thank you to Illori, who went above and beyond the call of duty to help build this mod.

Any further info about Cookie Consent can be found here, https://silktide.com/tools/cookie-consent/


A updated version of the cookie consent mod is attached to this post.  It's important you update if you're using the original mod from this thread.

Version 1.1

Reason for update can be found here, https://silktide.com/really-important-update-to-users-of-cookie-consent-2/



La connaissance, c'est partager le savoir qui nous fait grandir.



Thank you, I tested with your old package by modifying the package-info.xml and yes it works well

La connaissance, c'est partager le savoir qui nous fait grandir.