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2.0.10 to 2.0.11 Package Manager concern

Started by Hotfuzz, September 25, 2015, 12:32:37 PM

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Thank you for the update!

I do have a concern as to the Upgrade Patches Page. I was forced to download the patch from 2.0.10 to 2.0.11 and installed it flawlessly using package manager because every time I tried to run the update from the admin panel it sent me to a "404 not found". Now that I have 2.0.11 installed I'm wondering if I need to keep the update on my installed mods list or can I remove it?


Assuming you don't want to uninstall it (which you shouldn't do even if you wanted to :P ) yes, you can delete it.
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Thank you! was kind of hesitant there for a second  :D