Converting old mybb forum to SMF but i already made posts in new forum..

Started by ArkServer, October 30, 2015, 11:15:56 AM

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So i made a new SMF forum because im more familiar with this software than myBB but after i installed it i started to post and members came and posted too but now that there are both posts on the SMF and mybb forum, is it possible to convert the mybb posts to smf without losing smf stuff?

any suggestions are welcome.

SMF site (new)

mybb site (old, converting these posts to SMF)


converting a site is not all that difficult... however, trying to import that conversion into an existing site is problematic on many levels

While it is possible, it is not easy and requires a number of steps that you could have avoided by doing the conversion first.

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Yeah, it will become a tricky problem.

Your best bet is to convert MyBB to a clean SMF setup and then try to merge both SMF setups together.
Make sure you read the instructions and do this in test boards first ;)
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