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New Gender options

Started by Jeremy M., November 06, 2015, 10:55:33 AM

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Jeremy M.

I think there should be more options to choose from in the "gender" menu when someone is filling out their profile. I am a Transgender Female and I know I can't be the only Transgender person on here. I would like to see the following added to the menu:

Transgender Female
Transgender Male
Gender Fluid
Gender Queer

If anyone doesn't know what those mean, look it up. :)


such additions will likely NOT be added to the 2.0.x series.

Gender is one of the customizable profile fields in the 2.1 series, though.
you can check it out here:

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There's also a modification you can use for 2.0 boards to add additional options: More Genders. It should work on the latest 2.0 version. If it does not, post on the support topic for that modification.
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