Custom Membergroup name per user?

Started by Toni_Turner, November 15, 2016, 01:08:56 PM

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I'm looking for a mod that allows me to change the membergroup of one user only. Example:

User1 has the membergroup "Administrator" I want to rename it to User1 only to "Lead Administrator" keeping the same permissions as the original Administrator membergroup. Some forum software like myBB and PHPBB have this feature and it's pretty useful.


Use the custom title feature, think you have to enable it somewhere.
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or create a new group for that user and add additional groups as needed under additional groups for the user.


but, to be more clear....  no, you can not have a custom name of the membergroup per user.

You can have custom titles, as suggested by Arantor, or you could create one group per special user, as Illori says...

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