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How does SMF 2.0.11 deal with IPV6 IP addresses?

Started by Deprecated, February 27, 2016, 09:44:41 PM

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Is 2.0.11 fully compatible with IPV6?

I've observed odd phenomenon that may be related to IPV6 members. I'm trying to understand the problem. I'm nearly certain the problem I am looking at is related to IPV6.

Things like member tracking via IP.


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Yah, that's what I thought. The developers had better get a plan going. We are going to be dragged into the IPV6 world kicking and screaming otherwise.

I'll see if any pieces of this mod will help me improve my own mod still in the works.

Thank you for the information, and hoping there will be more suggestions.


SMF doesn't deal at all with ipv6... :o
A huge security issue for Admins, not seeing all these ipv6 "Guests and Member" by their real ip....
Should stand on 1st priority for the developers...
but i guess they see it another way.. :o
thinking for a forum showing "lyrics" only....
And this Mod from years ago isn't working at all...


The mod works fine for me. It's also not "a huge security issue" as getting around IP bans has been trivial for a long time.


Buddy, we talk about simply SEEING Visitors and MEMBERS IP's, right?
There are some people i know, they not even care, who they let in their house...
But i do!


You're the one who calls it a security risk. I'm telling you it isn't, and speaking as a former member of the dev team, there are higher priorities to deal with.


Deprecated - you really should upgrade to 2.0.13 as there have been a number of security fixes.
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Quote from: Steve on March 20, 2017, 08:40:09 AM
Deprecated - you really should upgrade to 2.0.13 as there have been a number of security fixes.

the first post was made last year.


As Arantor says...

the mod works fine
and this is, in no way, a security issue.

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