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Tapatalk uninstallation issue

Started by pocttopus, April 12, 2016, 03:51:15 PM

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Hello folks,

I am using smf 2.0.11 version and I want to uninstall tapatalk mod which is 4.3.6 version, and to install a newer version 4.3.8.
To install the new version firstly I need to uninstall the previous version and after I tried several times there is one message which is showing on the screen all the time:

Unable to find package file!

Is there any solution to get rid of the older version without making any damage to the forum?



Put the 4.3.6 package file back in the packages folder, then uninstall it.


@Shambles I'm not clear what do you mean?
Just to download the .zip from 4.3.6 version and to upload on the server in Packages folder? After that to uninstall?


Yep. Sounds like you/someone deleted the package itself, which will prevent PacMan uninstalling the addon.


@Shambles I have these files on the server:


And there are not any files with .zip extensions. This is really confusing to me since there are only .tar.gz files on backups subfolder.
And how can someone delete the package because nobody have an access to the server?


Grab the package from the TT archive

.. and go from there


@Shambles I had already done this but it is confusing me how is it possible mods from the server to be deleted from me or someone else?  ???


No idea how the physical file would have been deleted, other than by someone with access to the filestore or your PacMan control panel.

Have you now managed to uninstall v4.3.6?


@Shambles thanks for your advice, now I had uninstalled 4.3.6 version successfully and also I installed the latest 4.3.8.
Now on the server there is still 4.3.6 version, can I delete it?


I'd be tempted to just leave it there.

The latest plugin (4.3.8) causes issues on my forum, where successful posts via www cause a white screen failure.


@Shambles thanks again for your support and also I had marked this topic as solved.  :)
Because of this tapatalk plugin I cant wait to see the official release of smf 2.1 version... I hope that everyone who is using smf as forum software will be free to use mobile version without tapatalk.