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Traduction de Remove "Last Edit"

Started by Paulo.chon, May 07, 2016, 06:04:02 AM

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Ajouter avant:

// Remove "Last edit" mod
$txt['remove_edit_sign'] = 'supprimer cette mention';
$txt['remove_last_edited_error_1'] = 'Ressources non valides dans la function rlem_do, Subs-RemoveLastEditMod.php';
$txt['remove_last_edited_error_2'] = 'Vous n\'êtes pas autorisé à effectuer cette action.';
$txt['remove_last_edited_error_3'] = 'Appel d\'action non valide.';
$txt['permissionname_rlem_do'] = 'Supprimer \'modifié par ...\' des messages';
$txt['permissionname_rlem_do_own'] = 'Supprimer \'modifié par ...\' de ses propres messages';
$txt['permissionname_rlem_do_any'] = 'Supprimer \'modifié par ...\' de tout message';
$txt['permissiongroup_simple_rlem_simple'] = 'Permissions de Remove Last Edit Mod';
$txt['permissiongroup_rlem_classic'] = 'Permissions de Remove Last Edit Mod';

Texte original :
// Remove "Last edit" mod
$txt['remove_edit_sign'] = 'remove this sign';
$txt['remove_last_edited_error_1'] = 'Invalid resources in function rlem_do, Subs-RemoveLastEditMod.php';
$txt['remove_last_edited_error_2'] = 'You are not allowed to perform this action.';
$txt['remove_last_edited_error_3'] = 'Invalid action call.';
$txt['permissionname_rlem_do'] = 'Remove \'Last edit by ...\' from posts';
$txt['permissionname_rlem_do_own'] = 'Remove \'Last edit by ...\' from own posts';
$txt['permissionname_rlem_do_any'] = 'Remove \'Last edit by ...\' from any post';
$txt['permissiongroup_simple_rlem_simple'] = 'Remove Last Edit Mod permissions';
$txt['permissiongroup_rlem_classic'] = 'Remove Last Edit Mod permissions';