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Started by Bloc, July 14, 2016, 04:30:59 PM

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Or, add images into the PSD and generate a new image file that the system can use, and then use the correct offset for the menu location

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Beautiful theme - lowered the menu below the header and is perfect for me.

Thanks bloc - hope you continue updating this one  ;D


- No update needed on this theme for SMF 2.0.14, as it doesn't modify Login.template nor use the qick login form. There should be no trouble using this theme further.


Really nice theme, thank you Bloc.  I'm having a little bit of issues with spacing for the front page.  Granted, I am using tiny portal.  Not sure if it's a TP spacing issue, or a theme issue... any help?  Or should I go to TP and ask?


Try TP Admin > Front page,

Scroll down to layout types, and select,  Picture + Article 2



Or if you want to keep that style, because that image actually aligns ok when using the default curve theme. So

Look in /Themes/alphacentauri203/css/index.css?fin20 

On line 419 you should see,

clear: both;

Remove or comment out this line.   Then press ctrl+F5 on your keyboard to see the changes.


One comment / warning when using this theme when you are on http:

In the index.template.php file there is a link to the baumans font that is not secure:

If your site is on https, the font does not get loaded properly. When inspecting the page it shows an error for mixed content.
To fix this I had to manually correct the template file to read:

Only then the font gets loaded on the site.
Running SMF 2.1 with latest TinyPortal at


Thanks, I wasn't aware. I will add it to the template.


 v20rev4 added: various css fixes for mobile view + fixed link for google font.


v2.0rev5 added: even more css fixes, updated theme links too.


how can i use fullscreen ?


Not compatible with Ad Management Mod  yet

Great theme. Is there any instrucion/help  to insert images/code/ads in the header?

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Quote from: verticality on September 19, 2018, 03:39:05 PM
Not compatible with Ad Management Mod  yet

Great theme. Is there any instrucion/help  to insert images/code/ads in the header?

Do you make an error when installing the mod? Maybe Manual Installation of Mods After reading it and adapting it, it can work ;). Most mod are tested with the default theme and without any other modification, the custom themes may not follow certain lines and that is why there are adapting them but it is not complex!

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