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Ant's Curve Variants

Started by Antechinus, June 19, 2011, 02:26:43 AM

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Offhand I can't see why any of those mods would bork anything on the theme, but I'll play with it on local when I have time tonight.


I have gone through 3 different themes. It may have nothing to do with yours at all.
Once I logged out and logged back in, now I cant view "My Messages" nor can I write a PM.
I just get a blank page mysite/index.php?action=pm

I change the theme back to Core for right now.
Are there any files from the original install of 2.0.9 that I can re install to get this function working again?

I'm to the point where I'm getting lost.


Start by uninstalling all your mods. Then install them one at a time, and see which one causes the problem.



Hey, i love Prince Of Darkness!
I was wondering if there was any way to add a background to it. Like, an image.
I have little experience in coding but it was not enough to find what i needed to change.

It's just that. I am from a forum that always used PoD so instead of changing to another theme just for that, i thought to ask you how to do this, because this theme is my favourite and i really don't want to change, just to kinda make it look more accordingly with the theme of the forum.

If you or anyone could help, thanks!


You can assign a background image to the body tag. There's already one anyway (backdrop.png). Just look in the beginning of index.css for where backdrop.png is called, and change it to whatever image you want. You'll probably also want to declare it as no-repeat rather than repeat-x.


Im still Loving this, I had a variant of it back in 08. 
Is there a way to fix the bars graph for the form stats?  My numbers are correct but the bars are full across.

Thanks again for a great theme. 


TBH I haven't looked at this thing for years. Can you give me more information? What browser are you talking about? What screen size? Can you provide a screenshot?


Chrome and Firefox,  desktop and mobile.  The Star bars are "100%" across vs staggered for count size


Oh that would be easy to fix. You can see the actual width by the vertical 1px border at various places across the bars. So the problem is being caused by the CSS changes you've made, which have either eliminated the percentage colour or set it the same as the background. I can't tell which just from the screenshot. Would have to see the CSS.