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[2.0.11]Split Topic command. "Subject for New Thread" text box has no char limit

Started by Calahan, September 10, 2016, 07:00:23 AM

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I think I have found a bug with SMF v.2.0.11. I have read the "So you think you found a bug with SMF?" thread, but I'm afraid I can not answer nor provide a lot of the details and information requested. This is because I encountered this bug on a forum (that runs SMF) where I am only a moderator, as such I am not the site owner or SMF license holder etc., so I do not have access or knowledge of the technical aspects of the site. But I hope I can provide the details necessary to reproduce the issue, as it seems to be quite minor in nature.

I will use the reporting template provided:-

•Version(s) of SMF◦
2.0.11 (from site footer)

•Your Setup:◦List any Modifications you have installed◾


◦List any Themes you have installed◾
Uncertain, but "BlackRain v3" is mentioned in the footer.

◦List any non-English Language packs you have installed◾

◦Are you using UTF-8?
◦Any other related information?
◦What caching level are you using?

All Unknown

•Server Software:◦Apache/IIS version?:
◦PHP version?:
◦Database type and version:
◦Any other related server information?

All Unknown

•Where the Error Occurred◦File:
◦Any relevant errors in the SMF error log (if so please post them)?:


•How to Reproduce this Error?:
1. Create a new thread via the "Split Topic" command.
2. Enter enough characters in the "Subject for New Topic" box to be above the usual character limit for thread subject titles.
3. The new thread will be created, but the subject title will be above the usual limit for thread/post subjects.
4. Create a new post on this new thread. The subject title of this post will not match that of the thread because the new post will obey the character limits, and any characters past that limit will be omitted.

•Additional Information?
I only tested to confirm that I was able to create a new thread (via the "Split Topic" command) which went above the usual character limit, and that subsequent posts in that thread did not match the thread subject title (because the posts obeyed the character the limit). I tested the character input box during step #2, and it appears that it either didn't have a limit, or the limit was incredibly high (I'd guesstimate I tested to about 250 characters). But I did not test this to extremes, nor did I attempt to create a new topic with an extremely long subject title, because I did not want to potentially risk messing-up the forum in some way.

I have searched the bug forum here, and the bug tracker on Github, for "Split" and "Split Topic", and I could not see any entries relating to this.

Thank You for your time in reading this (and I am sorry that I could not provide all the necessary information requested)


Yes I could reproduce the issue in my localhost with default theme and no mods.

As an example, I entered a long title to test and I got this as the splitted topic title: "Here I am testing the bug reported by an user in the SMF community forum so we can test if this is t" and after trying to make a new topic with the same title I got this as result: "Here I am testing the bug reported by an user in the SMF community forum so we c"

Also, as the user reported, there's no char limit in that box.

Regards :)
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@ d3vcho - Thank you for testing this on your localhost and confirming the issue I mentioned. Much appreciated.


thank you for the report.

This is unlikely to be addressed in a 2.0.x release, since stable releases pretty much only receive fixes for security issues and major functional bugs...   however, we'll check and apply a fix if the issue still exists in the next branch (2.1 beta)
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