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SEF/URL problem in language files

Started by mt, April 29, 2015, 08:04:26 PM

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There is a source of problems in the EmailTemplate... language files. Its the macro FORGOTPASSWORDLINK .

If you look through the language file you will see that the macro is at the end of the sentence and followed by a dot.

Now, when the macro is processed to a link, you get something like "".
If you use "pretty" urls its something like "../email/.".

Notice the dot at the end.

The problem is, that this is send by email and many email programs or web interfaces will see the dot as part of the URL. In fact,
that is right in some way because you usually use a free space or EOL to show the URL ends and a new word starts.

Anyway, to avoid any problems any URL macro processed to a URL/email should have a space between it and the next non whitespace character.


My wild guess is this is also about Vietnamese language ?


Uhm... no?

Is across all language files. Do a "{FORGOTPASSWORDLINK}." file search.

the dot *IS* aligned to the password link.

Its perhaps not good to see in the cryptic normal links but run it with portamx SEF activated or pretty urls and check then
the email output. There its good to see and it will have a heavier impact because the rewrite functions server sided or smf inside
will bug out with a bigger chance.

It is a real bug because the dot will always pollute the link but it just do not have an effect always because smf will eat it in many cases
and/or the link visualation client sided will guess right that the dot is not part of the link and will exclude it.

That is why it was overseen so long.

Ninja ZX-10RR

Thanks, I manually fixed it in my own language files. Tedious stuff :( Also the language packs are so much different between themselves, some languages don't even have that macro in them, so I figure they are some old versions or something.
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