mybb 1.8.7 to smf converter

Started by aliabbas123, November 17, 2016, 02:04:25 PM

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i need very urgently can any one tell me i how much time its will be available please reply must



Actually there aren't too much people working on converters so I don't think this one will get released soon.

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if you need it quickly then maybe you should post a request in the help wanted board and offer to pay for the service.


oh bugger, I was trying to get a club's forum changed from phpbb to mybb, so that I could get all the data migrated across to smf v2

Unfortunately, it appears the only mybb version is the 1.8 version, which appears can't get migrated across.


Yea i was thinking to change my forum to smf but i changed my thoughts they are to slow in relasing updates and converters you can see mybb is too fast in that works they release merge system with every release


I made a separate post on at least having a mybb to smf migrator, as the other to mybb migrator seems to be regulary updated.

I reckon people would want to move to smf, but look up the migration from what they have to get across to smf, and see there's nothing available, so they forget about it.