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Tapatalk 4.4.0 uninstall error

Started by ozbob, November 19, 2016, 12:17:57 AM

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Attempting to uninstall Tapatalk 4.4.0 before upgrading to 4.4.1

Getting this error prior to actual uninstall of 4.4.0

   11.    Execute Modification    ./Themes/default/languages/ManageSettings.english.php    Test failed
      1.    Replace    ./Themes/default/languages/ManageSettings.english.php    Test failed

I have had a look at the file  ManageSettings.english.php and can identify the Tapatalk code.

This is what I plan to do.  Carry out the uninstall and then delete the Tapatalk code manually from ManageSettings.english.php

Then carry out the upgrade to 4.4.1

Does this seem like a sensible approach?

or just do the uninstall despite the error and attempt upgrade?

Any advice appreciated.



Yes you can that commonly occurs when other mods are installed.
Just uninstall.
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Just go ahead and do the uninstall without manual modification?



No, you should also do the manual edit to uninstall the mod

Read the faq in our online manual

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Thanks all fine now.

Uninstalled, manually edited the file, then upgraded.  All OK.