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Forgot Password / Activation Email - Not working!

Started by Infinitynull, March 07, 2017, 05:20:45 PM

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Like the title says, any type of mailing service for users from the website such as resting their passwords, or activating their account is impossible. Due to the fact that SMF won't send any emails. I've even enabled the mailing query. In a last ditch of hope I bought a emailing service from my host hxxp:godaddy.com [nonactive]. I setup the STMP settings to the ones below, and it gives me the following error when I try to invoke a email. It seems that a couple of people are having this problem and if it persists I will have to switch forum software. If this is a problem with SMF and only SMF I would suggest that the developers fix it.

Error 1: Could not connect to SMTP host: 110 : Connection timed out
Error 2: 2: fsockopen(): unable to connect to hxxp:smtp.secureserver.net [nonactive]:25 (Connection timed out)

STMP SERVER: hxxp:smtp.secureserver.net [nonactive]
STMP PORT: 25 ( I've tried all the ports)
STMP USERNAME: <myemail>@mgmservers.com
STMP PASSWORD: <mypassword>


Quote from: Infinitynull... if it persists I will have to switch forum software.

That would be a shame given that thousands upon thousands of websites are underpinned by a highly successful SMF implementation, for which mailings are not an issue.

Did you try "smtpout.secureserver.net" and port 465 combination as the outbound mail credential?


Yes, I love your very "useful" comment/quote. Apparently it might be a propagation issue, as I had to change the MX entry's.



No it's still not working. I won't know for sure until tomorrow. From all the results on google and this forum reporting the same problem I doubt it will work.


It definitely appears to be a problem with godaddy hosted sites...  however, on icdsoft and half a doz n other hosts, the basic php sendmail works just fine ...   so, the issue would appear to be in however godaddy has configured their server (big shock)

I know that doesn't actually help you...  but it does sound like godaddy "encouraged" you to pay more for smtp service instead of correcting their own issues...

That being said, some people have reported some minor tweaks needed to get various  xternal smtp servers to work.
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March 07, 2017, 08:06:29 PM #6 Last Edit: March 07, 2017, 08:37:42 PM by Infinitynull
You are probably right. Though it didn't cost much and I only paid for a month of it to see if it worked or not. What kind of misconstruing could they have done? What should I tell godaddy support, how do I fix this or get them to fix this?

Would hostgator be a better host to move to?


This is an extended reply, I apologize not only to the SMF developers but the users. After receiving a refund from hxxp:godaddy.com [nonactive] for my email services as they did not work properly. I was told that almost every free email provider has blocked godaddy's relay servers due to spam.

So for users such as me we are basically out of luck. Both using phpmail and using the SMTP server settings will not work inducing the fact that their Cpanel blocks any type of outgoing SMTP settings. This means if you were to try to use your gmail account it would not work either.

All I can say is that godaddy was very helpful for refunding my money. Though they are trash for getting their servers banned without telling any customers before they purchase their web-hosting. How can a forum run properly if no one can retrieve their password or activate their account. Though I know you can enable registration to not require activation that is just an open door for spam accounts.

To further this proof I've installed SMF on free webhosting, and it worked right out of the box.


Marking solved then. If you have any other questions, by all means, mark this unsolved and let us know.
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