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Trying to Change Name of Administrator to Owner and still keep color red.

Started by Thread Killer, April 03, 2018, 02:13:35 PM

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Thread Killer

I went in and changed Administrator to Owner and owner no longer shows up in red like Administrator did.  The color selected is still Red when I go into Member Groups and then into regular groups where I made the change.  But when I go back on to the site, owner shows up in Black.

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?


how did you change administrator to owner? do you have any mods installed that manage this color you are refering to? if so you need to post in that mods support topic.

Thread Killer

I just went into the Member Groups section and changed it.  No mods I am aware of.


if that is the case, then the group is only in color in certain spots (the online list, the legend - but not in posts)
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Thread Killer

Before I changed the name, it showed Administrator under my name in Red...That is what I do not understand!


that is not a default feature of SMF, you need a mod to do that.


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Thread Killer

Edit:  Just clicked on the SimpleColorizer and yes, pretty sure that is on our site.  I know we can make text 11 or 12 different colors!

Maybe I have not been clear?  I am the owner of the site and an "administrator".  When I was establishing the site back in August, I did have a member that knew IT help with set up, but I trust he would have said I did X to the site Bentley just so you know.  Maybe I am wrong and he did something, but not sure why he would have picked what I consider a left field area to change.

You all know more about this stuff then I do, I cant even get it to go back to red if I change back to Administrator, which I did all this shortly after we started the site and it worked, just had a person on the admin side that was not an owner, so I could not leave it that way.

Thanks to the Mod who got this in the right area...I still have no idea where to post things.  Chit Chat says..."Feel free to talk about anything"...I assumed this was anything!

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

Just checked out your site, and none of the membergroup colors show inside topics, so either you are mistaken and it was never red - or you used to have a mod that did this, but it is now either disabled, removed or broken.
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Thread Killer

The Admin & Regular Member is all we have, we don't have any mods, or global moderators, so red and black would be the only color that would show in Member Groups.  All Members in Black, the 3 Admins in Red.  The other owner says that Admin was in Red too!  Maybe I am not remembering correctly, the experts say it cant be done without a mod, so I must be wrong.  Thank you all for taking the time to help.