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Out of range value adjusted for column 'numTopics' at row 1

Started by CapriSkye, November 07, 2005, 03:33:54 AM

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I think this has to do with MySQL 5...
I've seen this post, but there are too many files to edit so I gave up.

This following error is not the same error as above topic.
Whenever I try to remove a board, or a category, I get the following error:

Out of range value adjusted for column 'numTopics' at row 1
File: D:\website\capriskye\forums\Sources\RemoveTopic.php
Line: 293

I've tried with everything I know but still can't get rid of that.
I also found couple places if somebody wants to read up about it.


Try Admin -> 'Forum Maintenance' -> 'Recount all forum totals and statistics.'

I think that should solve the problem of not being able to delete boards and categories.
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Open up your MySQL configuration file and comment out the sql-mode line, it will disable the strict settings, which should make things work again :)
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