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Alt tag for new button

Started by kitz, January 23, 2018, 02:38:35 PM

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Is it possible to add an alt tag for the 'new' button please 

It has recently come to my attention just how many forum members are not aware that this button is a link to the last new post.  :(
Whilst there is an alt tag for the front page of the forum, there isnt once you get inside the board section - see image below.


I'd like to endorse this request. I recently discovered members with a few thousand posts were unaware that the NEW was a link - they just thought it was a notification that there were new posts in the topic and then manually found the first unread post!


if this is added, it will not be in SMF 2.0 as it is feature locked.


I checked on this forum, new icons(images) has alt tags on them.


maybe we need a better alt tag on it.

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

Current "New" on the frontpage (here)

<a href=";board=185" title="New Posts (Topics: 46, Posts: 309)"><img src="" class="new_posts" alt=""></a>

Current "New" inside a board (here)

<a href="" id="newicon3957753"><img src="" alt="New"></a>

The difference in terms of telling if it's a link or not - non existent in my opinion. I could be wrong of course, but to me the only visible difference is that the frontpage offers a popup with some stats on mouse over.
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i think the difference is the title is missing from the new button.