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October 25, 2021, 07:34:53 AM


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Full Upgrade How To

Started by mitek, February 07, 2018, 01:28:40 AM

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We have a fairly large forum currently running version 2.0.14. To say it is giving us a lot of trouble including lag etc would be an understatement.
We would like to use the large 2.0.15 upgrade where hopefully all teh addons we have installed would be uninstalled by default and that we end up with  a fairly normal database. Add ons will not uninstall correctly, wont uninstall at all, wont show up... its one thing after another

I need to know which folders in teh current version are OK to uninstall amdf if saving themes etc is even worth doing or just get thioe later. We are hooping we can use the large upgrade 2.0.15 to accomplish this. Our main problem is we do NOT know what is OK to remove and what we should not. I have read every large upgrade file and am not seeing an answer BUT I must do it correctly because we do have a  4000 member forum. I definitely do not want any issues with members logging back in and thing of that nature

Basically we wish to start with a fully clean install, drop all unnecessary tables, rows, an d columns etc in MySQL (add ons we have stupidly installed) perform the clean mysql database with just members etc and then reinstall the large upgrade to 2.0.15

Thing is I have never upgraded or reloaded a smf databases in YEARS but have performed many PHPBB upgrades over teh years and I am sure they are numerous differences between the two.

At this point if we could simply upload our whatever we REALLY need to get a barebones forum running with our current database that would be great. Thing is within our forum only certain groups are are having teh page load and lag issues while other groups are not. We have checked every permission on members, users, groups, boards and nada.. nothing helps.

I dont even know if this is possible but any help would be deeply appreciated or pointing me to a knowledge base article etc

Thanks so much for your time. And if this has been asked before again forgive me, I simply need a good knowledge base article if there i one available that will work in my particular situation.

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Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

There are no differences in .14 and .15 databases, so running the full upgrade procedure wouldn't do any good.
I'd suggest you try to follow this procedure instead https://wiki.simplemachines.org/smf/How_to_upload_a_fresh_set_of_files

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Thanks for the information. I had found this once before, didnt bookmark it and lost it.

Exactly what I needed


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