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Intermittment: I unable to reach your site from a particular IP address

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Hi, I am unable to access this site from a specific address but i have never had such problems before.

sometimes the page loads and sometimes it doesn't.

if i use your public IP then i can't log in.

it just hangs for a while and then it may say the site in unreachable.

am i the only one experiencing difficulty and what do you suggest please ?

Don’t use an ip. Use the url

I don't want to use the IP as I only tried that when i thought it was a DNS issue.

So when I COME from a particular IP address, weird stuff happens - slow network loads etc.

Sounds like a problem in your network connection since I have not seen any issues lately

i have seen the forum loading slow on first load and then the remaining pages load quickly. wait a while and it repeats.


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