Author Topic: Converting WordPress News Site to SMF Forum or Creating an Urdu Language Forum  (Read 1474 times)

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I guess, the answer would be a Big NO... But just wanted to ask. Is there any possibility that I can convert my WordPress blog into SMF Forum??

I have a news website in the Urdu Language. It has a good traffic as well, about 1000 daily users. I guess if I convert this site into a forum, I can engage the users in a better way. The website is Dunya Urdu. It is complete in the Urdu language. I wanted to convert the categories into Forum categories, Sub Categories to forum boards, and posts to forum threads.

And if this is not possible (which is most likely) can I get start a forum by creating a subdomain or by installing the forum script into another folder and then make it completely in Urdu? Like I need menus, messages, everything in the Urdu language.

And most importantly, I want to use the Jameel Noori Tastalee Font as well which is a pure Urdu font. It's an RTL language. You can check the font by opening the website Dunya Urdu.

Please let me know if anything is possible? 1) Converting WordPress site into Forum. 2) Creating a new forum with 100% Urdu language using Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Font.
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The answer is, as you suspect, NO...

Wordpress is a blog, smf is a forum.., there are no converters, that I am aware of, from one type to another... only from one brand to another within the same type.

As for Urdu... check out the smf language packs. We might have an Urdu translation

But I don’t think it uses that specific font...
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