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Bug in contribute-section


Please move this thread where you deem fit!

In "" there is a list of options where to go.
I wanted to look into the translation area and thereby found out that the link in

"SMF is available in over 45 different languages, this task can't be accomplished alone. Feel free to join our Translators and help spread SMF across the world." points to an invalid location.

The topic=55201 does apparently not exist.

Thanks for pointing this out.  It's not a bug, but it is an out of date link which the Site Team will need to fix.  For reference, the new link is this one:

i think its more a typo in the link, its just missing a 6 ... if its an outdated link then its very coincidental that its same link just with no 6 :P

All fixed.  Than you


--- Quote from: Irisado on May 11, 2018, 04:40:05 AM ---Thanks for pointing this out.
--- End quote ---

Yer welcome!


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