Sub Categories to move posts into Sub Category + Polls with details of responder

Started by escc-forum, June 19, 2018, 10:40:30 AM

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Please can we have the ability to have sub-categories that the admin can create & move posts between the categories.
I would also like to see polls that allow the res-ponder details to be shown.
Also Social media links would be nice...

Great work though guys, very much appreciated.


a category contains boards which has topics and messages in it, a board has child boards in it. what exactly are you talking about?


As Illori says,
Categories contain groups of boards.
boards can have sub-boards (or child-boards as they are currently termed in SMF)
messages can be easily moved between boards already - so this "feature" already exists.

polls that show the details of voters is available as a mod. It is unlikely that it will be included in the core product.
(both 2.0 and 2.1 are feature fixed at this point anyway)

Social media links where?
In a user's profile? That can already be done, using the custom profile fields.
For the site itself? That can already be done - it is a part of several themes already or could be added as a portal block...
For shareable posts?  There are several mods that already allow this - it probably wont' be part of the core product however, because the social media sites frequently change their interface - which would require a new version of SMF every time they change it. Instead, as a mod, it's a quick fix and update by the author when the social media sites change things.

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