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Custom board icons

Started by Arskrigitsioniets, December 10, 2018, 04:53:20 AM

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I would like to see the possibility to set custom board icons on the standard version of new SMF. It is a very useful way to easily customize a forum, but it's very hard to install it via mods - the current cbi mod works normally only on the default theme and doesn't' have an interface in the admin panel.

Now I use custom board icons through a manually edited code, and it is very stylish as I think (see the attachment). But it occupied a lot of time to find a pattern of this really working code in net, so it would be nice to see this feature in the standard version.

I think custom board icons this is what is the basic customization feature that should be in the standard version.


He doesn't want the mod as such, he wants to make the mod a default feature of the software rather than being a mod.

Can't imagine it'll go into 2.1 since that's already years in and no one wants to drag it out longer than necessary. Could imagine it going into whatever comes next though.


Quote from: shinglis on December 10, 2018, 05:32:38 AM
Not sure if this mod is what you are looking for :
I've already written about it in the first post of this theme ("cbi mod"). The problem with this mod is that it works normally only on the default theme and it doesn't have an interface in the admin panel (you need to create folders with the images manually in smf directory).


While I agree it would be a lower priority than some other matters, I do think this (the OP) is a good suggestion.
This sort of 'look' is something that appeals to many and could be a deciding factor in whether they choose SMF or some other forum software.
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The cbi mod will install to most themes if you are willing to code it manually in those themes. As for an admin interface, I am not skilled enough to add one. On a side note, I have been workin on something on my site. You can see it there.