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After 4 years, still no way to migrate from myBB 1.8 to SMF - ?

Started by novamax, December 27, 2018, 05:59:00 PM

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I know this is volunteer work, and I understand that there have been different priorities - But more than 4 years have passed since people posted that they would like to migrate from a productive myBB (1.8+ is strongly advised). Additionally, myBB's greatly supported merge function is a key to migrate from even more bb systems, so effort in other converters might be saved by allowing a "xBB -> myBB -> SMF" migration chain. myBB has stated that they stick with gradual improvements from 1.8 (moving towars a V 1.9) instead of a disruptive redesign of their system (V 2.0 currently no pursued), so 1.8 will be around for a bit above the past 4 years in one way or the other.

So: Will there be a bridge for poeple who actually want to go SMF in the near future? Or has anyone found a working process chain around it (e.g. myBB -> phpBB3 -> SMF)? Or will everybody but IPB, vB, phpBB, or YABB be trapped, not able to migrate to SMF?

Again, I appreciate every minute people dedicate for free to such projects. Still I am suprised that this has not been of any priority...


Just made one due to your posted. Tested on my small MyBB 1.8 board. Most things should work ok.

Attached the files
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